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Sunday, June 14, 2009

3 Checklist for Internet Business Online Business

Want to Start / Own an Internet Business or Online Business?
Well, there are basically three very basic things you MUST HAVE.

(1) Source and Buy Domain (Names)
  • Create several domain names before making your purchase
  • Your Domain (URL Address) is like a house address
(2) Source and Buy Hosting Service
  • Your Hosting (for website) is like house/housing. But unlike owning a house, most hosting services are rented services for a year with annual renewal fees. May cost from USD2.00, USD5.00 or USD7.00 and upwards depending on features- hosting capacity, hosting bandwidth, control panel (cpanel in short), DNS control , integrated scripts/softwares, e-mail, autoresponders, etc.........
(3) Source and Buy/Create Website
  • You need to develop the website content with graphics, headers, body, e-mail contacts, online forms probably, etc. integrating with payment gateway may cost you a fee except PayPal is FREE.